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Technical Artist

The below video will help show that I am a motivated artist with over 7 years experience in the industry and have been part of multiple shipped titles. I enjoy solving problems and love to collaborate with others to work towards towards shared goals. I have a solid foundation of art skills as well as logic reasoning. I have optimized and profiled games for multiple platforms to hit performance mandates. I have an understanding of cpu/gpu/mem limitations and how to identify bottlenecks. I am open to new learning experiences and willing to grow with new tools. I am a hard worker, when something needs to get done I will dependably be there. I have an understanding of goals and am able to make decisions that lead to the accomplishment of these goals. I have leadership skills and am improving daily.

  • Launch Day - Vr mobile development and optimization (3D art)

  • Security Breach Marketing Renders- Cinematic render where using provided tools and understandings of cross department collaboration was key (Environment lead and rendering artist)

  • Security Breach Daycare set- Overcame strict limitations by developing process and imparted this information to the rest of the team through careful documentation to achieve success. (environment lead)

  • Battle for oasis - Brought cinematic quality assets into vr compliant formats by optimizing (3D Art)

  • Help Wanted Foxy repair - Built a 3d environment and blueprint scripted gameplay creating tools and systems. (3d Art and Gameplay visual scripting)

  • Stylistic range of asset creation - Comfortable with project specific range of requirements. 

  • Security breach main lobby - Lead a team and assisted in the success of other team members when building a complicated environment (Lead environment artist) 

  • Help wanted DLC - Worked to ensure issues were addressed in a timely manner and cross department blockers were squashed as efficiently as possible.(Technical artist) 

  • Security breach - Worked closely with other team members and provided mentorship to help guide an cohesive aesthetic (Lead environment artist)

Technical Artist

The below video will help show that I have the experience to bring positive movement to the team. I have solid logic and reasoning with visual scripting experience. I stand on a foundation of art skills from asset creation to implementation in engine. I have well rounded, In engine cinematic render experience as well as a passion for collaboration. I am willing to adapt to needs to avoid upstream or downstream blockers. I am passionate about sharing knowledge by collaborating both verbally and with documentation. I work daily to ensure not only standards are met but the technical knowledge of the studio is improved by keeping organized. I have a strong passion for growth and creativity that I love to apply to a collaborative team environment. I am very open to addressing feedback while providing appropriate two way collaboration with a focus on producing the best possible solutions.

  • Help wanted freddy repair - Worked with a small team within very tight restrictions to achieve a successful and functional game. (Technical artist)

  • Security Breach - Held myself and the team to high visual standards in game. (environment lead) 

  • Help wanted DLC -  Held myself and the team to high visual standards in cinematics. 

  • Warhammer - Worked closely with a multi talented team to ensure assets conformed to standards (3D prop art) 

  • Help Wanted DLC - Created assets and visual scripting programming (Technical Artist)

  • Hello neighbor VR - Worked with multiple departments to ensure optimization was kept to studio standards.(Technical artist, rendering artist and consultant)

  • Security Breach Utility hallways - Share knowledge and collaborate with documentation to ensure not only standards are met but the technical knowledge of the studio is improved. (Environment Lead)

  • FNAF - Worked with team members to continuously improve the studio knowledge and push the boundaries of visual fidelity throughout multiple productions.

  • Help wanted Chica Repair - Collaborate closely with team members to create the best possible product (Technical Artist)

  • Security Breach Kitchen - Experience with complicated sets and cinematic renders where collaboration was key (Environment lead and rendering artist)

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